Health Information Technology Committee

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               John Torous, MD                         Gregory Harris, MD         

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Dear MPS Tech Committee (from the April 2021 MPS newsletter)

Health Information Technology Committee

Mission Statement:

  • To promote understanding and interest in health information technologies for psychiatric care.
  • To educate members about options, opportunities, and risks involved with health information technology use.
  • To advocate for the safe, ethical, and effective applications of health information technologies in psychiatric care

Initial Goals

  • Advise on the MPS Internal Website
  • Create Educational Columns for the MPS Newsletter / Website
  • Survey MPS Members about HIT
  • Create a "Basic Guide to HIT" for MPS Members

Longer Term Goals to Discuss

  • Coordinate or Host CME Seminars on HIT
  • Create a HIT Workshop for MPS Members
  • Organize a Seminar symposium on HIT
  • Liaison with HIT Industry Partners

Co-Chairs: John Torous, MD and Gregory Harris, MD

2017 Health Information Technology Committee Report 
(Gregory Harris, MD, Resident Co-Leader John Torous, MD)

The Health IT committee has been working on several initiatives in the past year. We are working to organize a CME conference on mental health technology that will help MPS members be more informed about how to use technology in clinical care. The agenda for the conference is based off a survey of MPS members need that we conducted last winter.

We have also been supporting the American Psychiatric Association mental health app evaluation framework ( Finally, our group has contributed newsletter updates to educate members about mental health technology.